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Pollinator Research is Global

The International Pollinator Initiative (IPI) ( (not to be confused with the UK IPI) was established as a result of Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) ( in 2000. This was due to several events that lead up to official creation of the IPI. The Conference of the Parties of the CBD in 1996 made pollinators a priority in the program ( This then lead to the Sao Paulo declaration ( which proposed a framework for IPI.

There are now 5 Pollination Initiative Projects which focus on assessment, adaptive management, capacity building and mainstreaming.

The UK Insect Pollinators Intiative

The Agriland project is one of the many pollination projects operating globally, and is one of nine projects within the UK Insect Pollination Initiative. Click here to find out more about the UK IPI, or follow this link for an interview with 3 of the 9 project leaders.



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